About PMI

PMI is part of a group of companies, which includes Specialized Import Export Co Ltd (SIETCO) a leading trading company in industrial consumables in Dammam (Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia).

COVID-19 epidemic has resulted in demand for PPE and encouraged us to setup a manufacturing unit for disposable facial Mask having after supplied in the Saudi & Bahrain  market – the 3ply   and KN95 masks in large quantities since  Feb 2020 under the banner of SIETCO.

The unit is established in Dammam 3rd industrial estate which is 60km from Dammam Center.

Company Beliefs

Protective Measures for Industry (PMI) is a mask manufacturing company situated in Dammam 3rd Industrial Area that specializes in the production and sale of protective equipment for individuals.  SUPRO, the brand under which we sell face masks are used as a protective barrier to prevent cross-contamination produced as per CE standards. PMI intends to ensure the availability of essential healthcare equipment in the region to help fight the pandemic of COVID-19 and even beyond that. Apart from that, we also provide several other protective equipment such as N95 mask, gloves, face shield, PPE coverall etc. for safety. To cater to the specific needs of clients, PMI can customize masks and the design as per the client’s requirement. PMI has a continuous urge to improve the performance of existing products & development of new products with its experienced team of professionals.

PMI was formed based on the safety of the citizens and the end users of the products during the pandemic of COVID-19.

The management team were proactive and decided to help the society by providing the necessary products during the times and have the vision to assist the medical industry as much as possible.



Be a key manufacturer and supplier for PPE products while adhering to the highest quality standards to ensure safety of the users and satisfaction of our customers.


Creating a bio-safe environment with the equipment produced in the most sustainable and efficient manner to foster safety


  • Sustainable growth
  • Trust and Faith
  • Commitment to Customers

Management Practices

  • Commitment to Quality
  • High Social and Ethical Standards
  • Customer First Policy
  • Fair Treatment to Everyone

Company Policies


PMI is firmly committed to maintaining a leading position in the manufacturing and supply of 3 ply masks and its quality, meeting the requirements  of our  customers and maximizing their   satisfaction. To ensure a high-quality standard being maintained, the masks are produced on the lines of EN standards.


PMI understands the importance of sustainable growth with the rising importance of climate change and protection of the environment. We are committed to operate a zero wastage facility and recycle the materials to the best of our ability.